Excessive Smartphone Use May Cause Future Spinal Conditions

It’s common to see people staring down at their phones watching videos or sending messages to friends and family. This slouching position typically associated with the activity can cause negative long-term effects due to poor posture, potentially affecting the neck and spine in younger adults according to a The Spinal Journal study.

Over seventy percent of people in the country own a smartphone and over ninety percent of those people are between the ages of 18 and 29. Per the Pew Research Center, doctors have reported an increase in the number of younger patients with complaints about back or neck pain. This pain is being largely attributed to excessive smartphone use.

Most people that hold their phone tend to do so in a position that results in “forward bent posture”. The bending of the neck causes body strain, placing greater pressure on the spinal vertebrae and discs while also pushing tissue towards nerve roots, which may result in stiffness or pain in the neck area. While practicing better posture may be a fix, doctors have seen spondylotic issues arise in the spine of younger adults, an issue that is generally associated with older patients. Disc herniation has also been noted.

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