Early Intervention Is Key to Preventing Severe Scoliosis

Is your child carrying an unusually heavy load to school each day? Perhaps you’re noticing some slouching when they sit or one sleeve may appear longer than another when they’re getting dressed in the morning. Both of these may indicate the presence of scoliosis. While the heavy load may be necessary, parents should be aware of what scoliosis is and what they can do to make sure their child’s spine is properly taken care of.


Scoliosis is a spine deformity involving the rotation of the vertebral bodies, and there are various scoliosis types. Congenital scoliosis, for example, may occur if the spine fails to develop properly in the womb. It is common for the condition to become worse in more than seventy percent of children born with it. However, for most children, their scoliosis is idiopathic which means the cause of the deformity is unknown. This type of scoliosis is easier to treat.


One of the best ways to help treat your child’s scoliosis is early intervention, and that means being aware of the symptoms which, besides the aforementioned ones, may also include the head not appearing to be center with the body, and one side of the rib cage appearing higher than the other when the child bends forward.


Dr. Asghar at the Cantor Spine Institute has many years of real world experience helping young patients find relief from pediatric scoliosis. Schedule your appointment today to discuss treatment options. 954-567-1332.

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