Caring for Patients

Surgery is an intense procedure for the patient, but the Cantor Spine Institute helps care for their patients before and after the surgery. At Cantor Spine Institute, there is a patient advocate system that helps prevent risks during recovery. The system involves pre-surgical care, in-patient care, post-surgical care, and some other options.


During pre-surgical care, patients must physically and psychologically prepare themselves for the surgery. Your diet might change, and a doctor might assess your health risk. Professionals will coordinate services and schedules around your surgery.

In-patient care is a little more intense. Patients will stay at least one night in the hospital. During in-patient care, staff will handle your comfort and convenience. They will also help you plan for after the operation.


Post-surgical care begins right after the surgery. The type of care you receive depends on the type of operation you had. Post-surgical care can involve pain management, wound care, diet and exercise, and physical therapy. The staff will use post-surgical care to help you recover after the surgery.


Patient care is an especially important aspect of surgery. The experts at Cantor Spine make sure that their patients are comfortable and happy before and after surgery.


We utilize groundbreaking ultrasonic minimally invasive spine surgery techniques to treat a number of cervical and lumbar spine conditions including cervical disc herniation, ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament, spondylolisthesis, and more. For more information or to schedule a complimentary MRI review, please call 954-567-1332.

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