A Brief Explanation of the Spinal Cord

Most people are aware of the spinal cord and its importance in functioning as a messenger of sorts in sending signals from the brain to other parts of the body. The spinal cord is protected by what’s called the spinal column. Because of this, often the spinal cord and spinal column are talked about interchangeably.



The spinal cord is tucked away in a cavity referred to as the vertebral foramen, perhaps better known by its other name: the spinal canal. As for the spinal cord, it is protected by a “sheath” that also serves as a type of insulation for the spinal cord nerves. This sheath boosts the efficiency of the nerves, allowing them to send messages to and from the brain quickly.


If pressure is placed on the spinal cord by the spinal canal due to narrowing, it may lead to the condition commonly known as spinal stenosis. This pressure may lead to symptoms such as numbness, pain, or a feeling of weakness in the arms and legs. Severe symptoms may include being unable to control the bladder or bowel, or sexual dysfunction.


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