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What You May Not Know About Adult Scoliosis

When it comes to adult scoliosis, you may be surprised by how much you can do to manage the condition. For starters, surgery may not even be necessary upon being diagnosed. It is possible to manage the symptoms without resorting to surgery, which is largely aimed at symptom relief versus fixing the spine’s curvature. This may include physical therapy to boost the spine’s strength and stabilization as well as medications. However, surgery may be necessary if these approaches do not result in pain relief.

There are ways you can help to reduce symptoms associated with scoliosis beyond receiving treatment. One of the easiest is to refrain from smoking as this may cause problems not only in the spine but also in the neck. In fact, smoking remains the leading preventable cause.

For those that lead an active lifestyle, scoliosis does not necessarily have to mean living a sedentary lifestyle. It is possible to remain physically active while having scoliosis, and it may even reduce the likelihood of being symptomatic. Individuals that may be overweight can also help with symptom relief as weight loss may reduce scoliosis symptoms.

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