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Physical Therapy for Scoliosis

Physical therapy when it comes to scoliosis may involve exercises aimed at restoring muscle tone to the back while also promoting healthy spine curvatures. These exercises assist with relieving some of the symptoms of scoliosis as well boosting core strength. During the therapy process, maintaining good posture is emphasized, as it can help with protecting the spine against stress and strain that is otherwise unnecessary.

One of the simplest exercises a person with scoliosis can do is gently stretching up and reaching down. Side stretching is another effective means of stretching muscles in the back that may be tight while also addressing symptomatic back complaints. Arm and leg extensions are other forms of exercise to consider doing, but always make sure you’re following the advice of the doctor who is helping treat your scoliosis.

Other physical therapy methods your doctor may suggest include therapeutic exercises, which are also effective for patients suffering from spinal conditions besides scoliosis such as spinal stenosis. Aquatic therapy involves using a heated pool to warm and relax the muscles, allowing joints to be moved freely without causing excess stress or pain.

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