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Dispelling Common Scoliosis Myths

As a spine condition that continues to be extensively researched, there is a tremendous amount of information regarding scoliosis, and each day the treatment for it becomes better and better. However, there are still many myths and/or old wives tales associated with the condition, a few of which we will dispel here.


Upon being diagnosed, scoliosis will continue to progress. Most children diagnosed with scoliosis will not require treatment even into adulthood, whether that treatment involves surgery or bracing. In the majority of cases, curves in the spine that remain below fifty degrees will more than likely remain stable.


Scoliosis can be prevented. Research has increasingly shown that scoliosis is caused by a multitude of factors such as genetics. For example, identical twins have greater odds of developing the condition while girls are more likely to have it than boys. A child cannot develop scoliosis due to reasons such as stretching energetically during gym class or lugging around a weighty backpack.


People with scoliosis are fragile. Contrary to popular belief, someone who has scoliosis can still maintain a very active lifestyle. Someone with only a minor curvature can potentially become a basketball superstar. This will obviously vary based on the symptoms, but having scoliosis does not necessarily mean being unable to maintain an active lifestyle.


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