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If injections or physical therapy aren’t helping you with alleviating your spine symptoms or if they aren’t giving you relief for your chronic pain, it may be time to consider your options and make an informed decision regarding treatment options. Each spinal procedure is different and despite being considered minimally invasive surgeries, each procedure or condition involves a distinct approach.
Traditional spine surgery requires major interventions to relieve your pain. The traditional approach, tools, and techniques used to uncover painful pinched nerves work from the outside in, removing and interfering with the normal mechanical structures of the spine. This disrupts the normal structures that hold us up.

The surgically damaged structures have to be put back together, requiring fusions supported by rods and screws and plates. After all of this, the initial problem may be solved, but frequently, mobility and quality of life are seriously impacted. The overall function of our body can be altered and compromised, leading to stress and wear to other areas of the spine, and new spinal problems emerge, potentially leading to more surgery down the road.

Loss of mobility, loss of function, and need for additional surgery: this is not what we are looking for, nor what we should be satisfied with after a spinal surgery.

We operate with a new paradigm.

Our approach removes pressure from nerves from the inside out, without disrupting normal structure. If you don’t interfere with structure, you don’t have to rebuild it. Fusions with rods and screws can, in most cases, be avoided or reduced. Our surgery is minimally invasive, requires less recovery, and preserves structure, function, and mobility.

When normal structure is preserved, mobility and function are not compromised. Stress is not transferred. Surgery does not cause a need for additional surgery.

New thought processes, new techniques, new tools: these help us make spine surgery better for you.

Below you will find a list of conditions The Cantor Institute can treat as well as some information about them.

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