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Acute and Chronic Pain in the Back

The back takes on a tremendous amount of responsibility as it is literally the body’s support system. Despite its critical role, often patients forget how essential it is in ensuring it remains in good shape by practicing proper posture, exercising, and leading a healthy lifestyle, all of which help with keeping the back flexible and strong. If you’re experiencing back pain, however, the type of pain you’re feeling may indicate a visit to your doctor.

The phrase “everything in moderation” applies just as much to food as it does to exercise. It is possible to overexert yourself during a high-intensity workout such as lifting weights, potentially resulting in injury or pain in the back. The pain may not be noticeable at first or it may flare up upon sitting, standing, or when attempting to walk. These types of acute pain may be an indicator of something serious.

If the pain is lasting for more than ten weeks, this type of pain can be considered “chronic”. There are several conditions that may be causing chronic back pain, with scoliosis being a root cause. As the joints of the spine deteriorate over time as a person ages, it may lead to adult onset scoliosis. Another reason for the chronic pain may be spinal stenosis which may affect people age fifty or older.

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