have had spine surgery three times. Having been the patient, I know what surgery feels like. Incision size does matter because bigger ones hurt more. Most importantly, I understand the effort necessary to recapture your life and to really recover. It is not a passive process.

As a spinal surgeon, my experience as a patient has changed the entire way I think about and execute operations. My goals have evolved, moving away from traditional surgical training to a more holistic approach. Surgery cannot cause damage! I have become more caring and extremely careful. The goal of modern spinal surgery cannot be about using the latest and greatest screws and rods to improve spinal fusions. The goal of modern spine surgery must be about designing an operation that will solve your problem without the fusion at all.

Using new ultrasonic technology, I have designed minimally invasive surgical procedures that make the goal of “without the fusion at all” a reality for you.

-Dr. Jeffrey Cantor

For those who opt for a minimally invasive operation, but want maximum convenience with strategically prepared, personalized care

Cantor Spine Institute provides ease of access, personalized care management, expedited access to world-class medical facilities, and, most importantly, an industry leading orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Jeffrey Cantor not only innovates minimally invasive surgical techniques, but is also leading the development of new ultrasonic surgical technologies and tools.

Dr. Cantor’s techniques are revolutionizing the treatment of lumbar stenosis, cervical stenosis, spondylolisthesis, lumbar disc herniation, cervical disc herniationscoliosis, sciatica and many other painful spine problems associated with pinched nerves.

At the Cantor Spine Institute, we offer a whole new approach to your well-being.

Your options are no longer limited to a lifetime of pain and a spine held together by rods and screws. Send us your MRI for a free assessment, and let Dr. Cantor help you get back to being a more functional you.

Are you a candidate for Ultrasonic Spine Surgery? Send us your MRI for a FREE assessment.