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A Message from Dr.Cantor

Dr. Cantor at the Cantor Spine Institute has pioneered the use of ultrasonic technology to completely change the way spinal surgery is done, redefining, and moving minimal invasive surgery into the future.

Ultrasonic bone "sculpting" tools can do what lasers and traditional bone cutting drills cannot. The vibrating blades can work safely, even in direct contact with delicate nerves. When it touches your finger, it feels like an electric toothbrush, but it will cut through hard bone spurs "like a hot knife through butter". This enables "precision" spinal surgery, done through much smaller incisions. Using this "game changing" technology, Dr. Cantor has developed a unique approach that can actually work inside the spine and effectively isolate and dissolve painful, nerve compressing bone spurs without removing or damaging the important mechanical structures of the spine. Because the structure is saved, it does not have to be rebuilt with rods and screws and fusions.

Here are just some of the benefits experienced by Dr. Cantor’s patients following minimally invasive Ultrasonic Spine Surgery

  • Preserved function and mobility
  • Greater than 90% reduction in the use of rods screws and fusions
  • The smallest possible incision
  • reduction in surgical pain
  • Faster and easier recovery
  • Dramatic reduction in blood loss and almost complete elimination of use of blood transfusions
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Fewer complications

Our first goal is always to avoid surgery. Most patients with spinal problems will recover with well-managed and appropriate nonsurgical treatment. Those who do not respond, now have better options. Ultrasonic surgery offers a new world of opportunities for a better outcome.

If you have an incapacitating pain and have not responded to conservative treatments, ultrasonic surgery can restore pain free mobility. Greater than 93% of our patients after recovery report that if the circumstances were the same, they would do it again.

"If you want something new,
you have to stop doing something old"
― Peter F. Drucker

Alison Munroe
Minimally Invasive
Ultrasonic Back Surgery

Surgery was definitely one of the most transformative things that ever happened to me!

Cantor Difference Comparison

The traditional approach to spine surgery
Do what is necessary to get the pressure of the nerves.

This usually means:

  • Remove important structural components of the spine.
  • Replace these natural structural parts with fusions supported with rods and screws.
  • Expect patients to adapt to new limits in mobility, loss of strength, and compromised function
  • Do additional surgery when additional problems emerge above and below the surgical site.
Our approach to
spine surgery
Do what is necessary to give the patient a better operation.

This usually means:

  • Use new thought processes, techniques, and tools to remove pressure from nerves nondestructively
  • Avoid whenever possible procedures that alter mechanics and transfer stress
  • Preserve structure, strength, mobility, and function
  • Do not be satisfied with surgery that increases the chance of needing additional surgery.
  • True paradigm change for spine surgery. New thought processes, new techniques, new tools: these help us make spine surgery better for you.

Minimally Invasive Surgery


We focus on fixing your problem utilizing state-of-the-art technology while maintaining a minimally invasive philosophy.

Cantor Spine Institute provides comprehensive, personalized care management and access to modern medical facilities and, above all, a board-certified, pioneering orthopedic surgeon. As someone who has undergone spine surgery more than twice, Dr. Jeffrey Cantor remains steadfast in his efforts to evolve minimally invasive surgical techniques, technology, and tools. These tools allow him to concentrate on specific bones in the spine, allowing patients to enjoy an improved quality of life and a spine not being held together using rods and screws. These tools deliver an optimum level of finely tuned accuracy to the affected parts of the spine, allowing patients to experience a faster recovery time, less pain, and potentially few complications.

Today’s modern spine surgery should focus on developing operations that solve problems without necessarily having to involve fusion. With ultrasonic surgical technologies and tools, Dr. Cantor’s techniques are redefining the treatment of conditions such as lumbar and cervical stenosis, spondylolisthesis, lumbar and cervical disc herniation, scoliosis, and sciatica by progressing beyond the use of these spinal fusions.

Submit your MRI over to us and we will provide a free assessment. Dr. Cantor and the rest of the Cantor Spine Institute team are eager to help you return to a more functional you.


Receive a thorough evaluation from Dr. Cantor on the best solution for your needs.

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